Rosamond Computer Repair

Computer Repair services by those large brands can be costly, both in term of time and money. In-home services can cost hundreds of dollars and drop off service typically have a long wait list. What sets Mann Computing apart is our drop off services are right into the hands of an actual computer technician. With 25 years of experience, you can be assured that if your computer can be repaired, it will be.

Services Offered

Mann Computing, based in Rosamond CA offers a range of computer services, all for a low single price. These services include:

  • Windows Installation / Re-installation & Upgrades
  • Linux Installation
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Hardware Installation & Upgrades
  • Software Installation (customer provided or free open source software)


Local quality computer repair services were lacking when I moved to Rosamond in 2013. This led my brother and I to start offering local computer repair services. After my brother’s passing at the end of 2015, I took over and continue to offer local computer repair service. Mann Computing also sells previously used computer components and even system when they are available.

All used computers and computer parts, are quality tested in-house. That’s what separates Mann Computing from the competition. Purchase with the confidence that once your parts arrive, they will work without costing you a fortune.